HMM Co., Ltd in Romania

HMM Co., Ltd is a South Korean company that provides containerized transport services. Cargo Trans Solutions is the agent of HMM Co., Ltd in Romania.

Presentation of HMM Co., Ltd

The South Korean company HMM Co., Ltd is one of the most famous shipping companies in the world, providing containerized maritime transport services at the highest standards. The company was founded in 1976, being known at that time as Asia Merchant Marine. Starting with 1982, it becomes part of the famous Hyundai group, changing its name to HMM Co., Ltd. In the more than 30 years of activity, HMM Co., Ltd has contributed substantially to the development of the shipping industry through its presence constant and active globally. The concern of HMM Co., Ltd to satisfy the needs of customers by offering the best transport solutions, high-performance fleet, advanced communication systems, quality logistic assistance, as well as the professionalism of the employees make HMM Co., Ltd one of the best companies in worldwide shipping. On the Romanian market, the shipowner HMM Co., Ltd is exclusively represented, since 2007, by Cargo Trans Solutions.